• Janee Moore B.A. CPDT-KA, Founder

    When we connect with who we are and what we’re capable of, we create a world of limitless potential and possibility. We become powerful agents of change, and we learn that we are our own ripple effect.

    I have been a Certified Professional Dog Trainer for several years, and many of those years have been spent working with programs that use dogs to help at-risk youth, incarcerated youth, and incarcerated adults find themselves again.

    The FETCH Project is intended to provide people with the opportunity to move forward with their lives, but for me, it’s about more than that.

    It’s about helping people recognize and access the potential within themselves, empowering them to make their dreams come true in a world where we’re so often told that we can’t.

    It’s about coming together and uniting ourselves as a stronger, more compassionate community that understands the power of connection and in letting people be people again.

  • Courtney Keller, Networking and Marketing

    Network, network, network! I’m Courtney, and my work with FETCH is primarily behind the scenes. A dedicated Chihuahua mom with a passion for purebred dogs of all shapes and sizes, I’m the one to talk to if you’re looking to get involved in the Project. A self-professed busybody, I’m the lady who knows the ins and outs of this, that and the other, so I help with a lot of the marketing and networking that comes with the non-profit territory. It helps that half of FETCH is made up of the four-legged variety – my favourite!

    I have experience in both daycares and veterinary clinics, and my favourite place to be is behind a desk answering telephones. I’m as much a people person as I am a pet person, and I’m happy to help in any way that I can. I took psychology courses in university in my home country of Canada, and now I’m enjoying the view from the other side of the river in the US of A. If anyone knows what changing their life around is all about, it would be me – mine is topsy turvy!

    I have been so privileged to know Janee for over a decade, and it has been such a joy to help be a part of FETCH. It’s a program with a personal touch, run by a team of volunteers that truly believe in the message we’re all about – providing life skills to a group of folks with so much potential, and helping furry friends along the way. It’s about compassion and pragmatism and a good deal of good humour. This wee seed that we’ve watered has now grown into a great big giving tree, and we’re still getting started!