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The FETCH Project at a Glance

    Serving the community and restoring humanity from the inside out.

    The FETCH Project Inc. was founded in an effort to bridge the gap between incarceration, society, and the community at large. We provide individuals with a competitive edge, developing strong marketable skills while incarcerated and providing them opportunities for stable employment upon release. We are committed to creating better lives, greater access to opportunities, and safer communities through the empowerment of those preparing to re-enter society as productive members of their community.

    The FETCH Project is a collaborative effort between Janee Moore CPDT-KA and participating inmates at the Idaho State Correctional Center, and we invite you to become a part of our journey. The support that we receive from our community, donors, and volunteers allows us to transform mountains into milestones. Please contact us for more information or if you would like to get involved.

    The FETCH Project is a registered 501(c)(3).

    The FETCH Project

    The FETCH Project: Behind the Scenes


    • Once accepted for inclusion in The FETCH Project, participants are considered apprentice dog trainers and complete their lecture and mentorship hours under the supervision of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed. Click here to learn more about the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the importance of certification.

      All FETCH Project applicants are carefully selected through pre-screening and must sit through an interview process. Candidates are selected based on their interview, dog experience, and behavior record, and preference is given to those with previous dog handling experience.

    • The program begins with an 8-week intensive lecture series on topics such as canine behavior and learning theory, health and husbandry, working with clients one-to-one and in a group setting, and essential business practices. Participants are then required to participate in a 12-week hands-on mentorship where they learn techniques in effective consulting, classroom management, putting together a class curriculum, program development, and writing behavioral case studies. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates go on to teach canine obedience classes for approved members of the public. During this process, the trainers are actively working towards becoming Certified Dog Trainers through the International Association of Canine Professionals.


    Job Training

    Our goal is to promote opportunities for our apprentice dog trainers to develop employable skills as Certified Dog Trainers and business professionals, encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and a competitive edge when entering the work force upon release. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.


    Job Placement

    With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Our community partnerships provide our graduates the opportunity for stable employment without discrimination. Looking to hire someone with experience? Contact us to learn more about how you can join our community network!


    Community Outreach

    Our community outreach opportunities bridge the gap between incarceration and the community. Successful graduates of the program go on to teach private lessons and classes in topics of basic and advanced obedience. They also create, produce, and share free dog training content on our YouTube channel – The Fetch Project.

    What Do Our Graduates Have to Say?

    "I love to create where nothing existed before I was there."

    "There's nothing out of the realm of possibility. We bring up an idea. Well, why not?"

    "It's one of a kind, to be able to participate in something that's never been done before."
    "This project is limitless, and the possibilities are staggering."

    But if we don't expect more from each other, hope better for one another, and recover from the hurt we experience, we are surely doomed.” – Bryan Stevenson